About Us

Born out of a desire to highlight the beauty, diversity, and creativity of the Black Diaspora, Scattered Co. provides beautifully-crafted home décor and apparel items from various regions and cultures across the African (Black) Diaspora.


Through Scattered Shop, we promote Blackness's beauty while supporting independent artisans and small Black-owned businesses worldwide. From Ghana to the UK, to Rio De Janerio, to Eastern North Carolina, Scattered makes accessible some of the most beautiful items that are the backdrop to diverse Black cultures. Our goal is to increase the social and economic status of Black creatives and artisans by showcasing their artistry globally. Procurring, preparing, and introducing the beautifully crafted items of artisans and creative for the global market will ultimately ensure increased social and economic capital for the producer and (hopefully) their local community.


Scattered Shop is concerned about the continued support and development of Black creatives and entrepreneurs. We help bring ethically sourced, fair trade cultural décor to our consumers' doorsteps to highlight the beauty and tenacity of Black culture.


Dustin J. Pickett, Founder & CEO
A skilled professional with previous experience leading the development campaign for a multi-million dollar organization, Dustin is an entrepreneur with a deep love and appreciation for Black culture. His deep love for the global Black community led to the creation of Scattered Shop.

Dustin holds a bachelor's degree in marketing from Winston-Salem State University, a master's degree from Duke University, and is pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Dayton. Dustin's goal is to ensure that the inability to travel (no matter the reason) does not limit the opportunity to experience the beauty and diversity of the African Diaspora.