Jewelry Terms of Service

The following guidelines are intended to protect you and your jewelry. By purchasing this jewelry you agree to/understand the following:

Scattered Shop is not responsible for any harm to self or others, or unintended consequence related to wearing, storing, or purchasing this jewelry.

  • Keep out of reach of children.

  • This product is not intended for human or animal consumption.

  • Consumers allergic to seeds and fruit products should exercise special caution when wearing this product (refer to your jewelry’s hangtag for the specific seed/fruit type).

  • The paint in this product may stain white or lightly shaded clothing.

  • This product should be stored in an environment safe from animals and insects, as they may attempt to eat its natural seeds/fruit.

  • Some of the products may mold or discolor if exposed to water, humidity, and/or chemicals.

  • All products are perishable.